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Background and Advantages

  • Rules are specified once.
  • Project maintenance is lower. You do not need to write new tests for each new feature. Once you have a model it is easier to generate and re-generate test cases than it is with hand-coded test cases.
  • Design is fluid. When a new feature is added, a new action is added to the state machine to run in combination with existing actions. A simple change can automatically ripple through the entire suite of test cases.
  • Design more and code less.
  • High coverage. Tests continue to find bugs, not just regressions due to changes in the code path or dependencies.
  • Model authoring is independent of implementation and actual testing so that these activities can be carried out by different members of a team concurrently.

    In addition, Spec Explorer provides the following advantages: 

  • You can slice out test cases from large state machines by defining relevant scenarios.
  • Spec Explorer also supports combinatorial interaction testing.


In Short, Microsoft’s spec Xplorer can ease you’re your Test case coverage with little or no assistance using Microsoft Moles.

Microsoft Moles is just another dependency injection stub generator suitable for test unit.