First thing first.

Download and install Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web or Visual Studio 2013. Next install Visual Studio2013 Update 2 RC or higher.

Creating your first ASP.NET MVC Application

Launch Visual Studio Express 2013 for web and from the “File” menu item, select New Project.  Under Visual C#, select web and then ASP.NET Web Application.  Give for your new project a name as well as a location where it should be installed.


On the following wizard page “New ASP.NET Project”,  make sure MVC is select or select any other template if your to create a different project type.  you can mix the different project template items in a single project if you choose to do so later on. Unselect “Create remote resources” under Windows Azure if you still don’t have an Azure account.


Right-click your project and select Properties.  Select the Web option on the left.  Under Servers heading, select local IIS from the drop down box  and set the Project Url to your configured web site in IIS.  In this instance, I’ve created a new web site named “http://voisinage.com” under IIS instead of creating an application under the existing default web site.


Once everything is configured properly, you should see something similar to the image below.


now go ahead and click the start button to compile/debug and launch your app in the browser.



you now have a function ASP.NET MVC application ready to be extended for real world scenarios.