EmulatorRuntime.log had the following errors:

Failed to create FSRM quota manager instance.

RuntimeRole::RecoverFromResourceQuotaExhausted(0x000000001D027520) =0x80040154
, ERROR] <- RuntimeRole::Recover(0x000000001D027520) =0x80040154
ERROR] <- WapGetEnvironmentVariable=0x800700cb       
Context={{ AgentpStopRoleWorkerEx:    
ContainerId=EmulatorContainer     RoleInstanceId=****** }}


First I went ahead and started installing the following on my dev machine thinking since the Web role uses some facets of IIS, it may be trying to interact with IIS to  conduct some sort of preping:

  • IIS management Service
  • IIS management Scripts and tools

Checked if that solved the issue by running the cloud app in debug; but no.


Second, I tried this solutions from stackOverflow

by right clicking the cloud project -> click the Web tab ->
    Select “Use IIS Web Server” under Local Development Server
    Select “Use Full Emulator” under Emulator
which forced me to run Vs 2015 in priviledge mode
launch the project in debug mode and everything worked.


I did not stopped there though.  To find out if the previous steps conducted were required to initialize Azure Visual Studio integration on my local machine
I did the following:

  • revert emulator back to “Use Emulator Express”
    tried to run Vs 2015 as “non-admin” but got the following error:
    Error: Emulator needs to run in admin mode when using IIS.
    running VS in admin the Cloud projects works just fine.

so Emulator Express is compatible with IIS Web Server hmmm?.

now lets revert Local Development Server back to “Use IIS Express”
Microsoft Azure Compute Emulator now hangs in the following states:
[fabric] Role state Suspended
[fabric] Role state Aborted
[fabric] Role state Suspended
[fabric] Role state Busy
[fabric] Role state Aborted
[fabric] Role state Busy
[fabric] Role state Aborted
[fabric] Role state Busy
[fabric] Role state Aborted

so running in Local Development Server set to “Use IIS Express” is where the issue lays

I went ahead and added Microsoft SDKs\Azure\Emulator to my Path just so that I could make use of “csrun.exe” hoping to run some commands with it.

first ran “csrun /?“, got a list, hoo-boy, don’t want to go that route

ran netstat –an to check list of connection and paying attention to see if any connection is using port 80

open my Visual Studio 2015 IIS Express configuation file found under “$(SolutionDir)/.vs/config” changed the first web site port from 8080 to 80

went to “<%WinDir%>\Users\<%YourUserAccountName%>\Documents\IISExpress\Logs” locating IIS Express logs
opened the corresponding folder matching my VS 2015 project name and found nothing interesting there

went back to my azure service running instance staged folder under appdata/local to look at WAHostBootstrapper log file.
It is accessible from  the Compute Emulator UI right clicking your [WebRoler | WorkerRole]instance and selecting “open local store”,
from there drill down the “Resources” folder until you reach “RoleTemp” folder

ERROR] <- WapXmlReadRoleModel=0x1
ERROR] <- WapDoStartup=0x80070057
ERROR] <- DoStartup=0x80070057
ERROR] <- CRuntimeAgent::RemoveEndpointRegistration(0x0000006A15DD11F0) =0x80070002
ERROR] <- CRuntimeAgent::UnregisterEndpoint(0x0000006A15DD11F0) =0x80070002
ERROR] <- wmain=0x80070057

assuming this is some sort of stack frame then there is an issue loading some xml file or its related element having something to do with roles of perhaps the instance being loaded to run ??
either way because the exception is occurring when using IIS Express instead of IIS Web Server, we can assume that it is a read permission exception

run netstat –ano again to check list of connection and paying attention to see if any connection is using the other port number we added to our endpoints.
no conflict there. case close  🙂